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Monday, 8 December 2014


Shilajit is called as herbal mineral as it oozes out of the rocks in Himalayan range, rich in minerals and nutrients to work as all in one natural anti aging and rejuvenating herb for both men and women. Shilajit is boon for overall health and in the process it also works well in treating sexual weaknesses and low libido. If man posses good health, physical and mental, he will enjoy his sex life too for longer period in life. The consumption of Shilajit enhances the body to fight with stress and aging, and have magical properties to treat impotence, sterility, mental disease and improves concentration and memory.
Shilajit is also known as mineral pitch, asphaltum, silajatu, black pitch, fulvic acid and shilajeet. It contains folic acid which is a rich source of mineral and vitamins those get depleted by various processes of the body with the growing age. The minerals and vitamins available in Shilajit are in ionic form thus very much different from the minerals available in the market and these are absorbed by the body more readily.
Shilajit Composition
Shilajit is composed of humus and organic plant material that has been compressed by layers of rock. Humus is formed when soil microorganisms decompose animal and plant material into elements usable by plants. The flora of the Himalayas is rich and varied, and for thousands of years the plants have come to life, absorbed nutrients from the soil, and then died out. This is a process which has been repeated again and again countless times, and continued for millennia.
It is believed that Shilajit found in the Himalayas are the fossilized form of those plants, and the particular biosphere of the Himalayas created them and bestowed medicinal properties to them. Shilajit, found in the higher altitudes of the Himalayas, are collected during summer months when the ice melts, and Shilajit lumps are sometimes spotted and collected from the crannies of rocks, and similar places.
Shilajit is a brownish black semi-solid resinous substance that exudates from the steep rocks in the towering cliffs of Himalayan mountain range and also Hindukush in Indian subcontinent. Shilajit for anti aging has been used since years and it can be found in many of Ayurvedic texts those date back more than 5000 years. This rejuvenating herb contains 85 minerals in ionic form and humic acid and fulvic acid. Shilajit is a natural aphrodisiac which enhances sexual functions of the body to treat low libido and other male problems like erectile dysfunctions and low sperm count. The antioxidant property of Shilajit makes it powerful natural remedy to improve blood flow to all the parts of the body including male genitals to give stronger and longer erections to counter erectile dysfunction or impotency. It is famous for its stress buster property too and works for better mental health, these properties can cure the problem of low sex drive with in no time as it helps in relaxing the muscles and improving mental clarity. Low sex drive and sexual weaknesses mainly occur due to malfunctioning of urinary and renal organs of the body. Swelling or enlargement of prostate gland gives rise to painful urination or incontinence in urination which leads to insufficient erections and low libido. Shilajit alleviates and treats urinary and renal problems; it also helps in improving functioning of kidneys for better health.
Other Health Benefits of Shilajit
Apart from working magically to cure low sex drive and male weaknesses there are many other curative properties of Shilajit. It is one of the most valuable gifts of Mother Nature, which has astounding benefits. Enriched with vitamins and minerals this herbal supplement is capable of curing a wide range of physical disorders. It helps in improving oxygen supply to the blood which eventually flows to all parts of the body for better functioning of internal organs.  It is good for treating cough and respiratory problems. It is rich source of trace minerals and iron to cure problem of anemia, it gives bio-availability of iron which is easy to absorb by the body for quick alleviation. It works wonderfully well for arthritic conditions and used as a remedy for rheumatoid, gout and osteoarthritis. It is also used for other joint related problems caused due to aging. It strengthens nervous system, muscles and bones. It keeps blood pressure under control and improves blood circulation. It amplifies the effect of other herbal medicines as it makes the body prone to absorb the supplements provided by the herbs which work well for good health. It has good effects in people affected by stress, anxiety or depression and the list can still go on.
It enhances the energy level of the body by hastening the cell metabolism that is essential for daily activities. It increases the sperm count and prevents premature ejaculation. It also helps in sustaining erection during lovemaking. Various chemicals present in this herbal supplement aids in regulating the blood sugar levels and is useful for the diabetics. It increases the supply of the minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorus that helps in enhancing the enduring power of the bones and muscles. It helps in fighting the foreign bodies or antigens and boosts the body immunity system. It is very effective for weak persons and those recovering from any serious illness. People suffering from various types of arthritis like gout, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis have benefited greatly by the use of Shilajit.
Lower back pain and other joint pains can also be reduced considerably by using this drug, which has anti inflammatory properties. It intensifies the nervous system of the body and helps in curing various nervous disorders like paralysis, hemiplegia etc. It acts as a blood purifier and also helps in curing hemorrhoids, fistulas and fissures.
It helps in controlling the body weight by removing the extra fatty adipose layers from the body.
It is a powerful antioxidant that fights the formation of free radicals and prevents aging and any serious ailments. Shilajit ES - Premium Quality Herbal Supplement Shilajit ES is a unique combination of Shilajit, Safed Musli, Saffron, Shatavar, Moti Bhasma and other valuable herbs. It is a powerful sex stimulant, which improves sexual health and acts as a rejuvenator to increase stamina, vigor and vitality. Shilajit ES Works as Effective Herbal Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction and Low Sex Drive Erectile dysfunction is a very unpleasant disorder that can ruin one's life. It can have a multitude of causes and once it affects you it can rapidly lower your level of self esteem and end your relationship with your partner. It in mainly caused due to poor flow circulation or improper blood flow to the male reproductive organs. Shilajit ES is a powerful herbal supplement for curing erectile dysfunction and low sex drive in men. It improves blood circulation and provides better blood flow to the male reproductive organs thus resulting in stronger and long lasting erections. Other herbs effective in curing erectile dysfunction and low libido are safed musli, saffron, shatavar and moti bhasma. Safed musli increases libido and restores lost power. Saffron is a powerful aphrodisiac and a tonic for the nervous system, helping you enjoy multiple lovemaking episodes. Shatavar nourishes and rejuvenates the reproductive system and also increases the quality of sperm. Moti bhasma is an excellent toner and aphrodisiac which increases libido and power. The best herbal product for erectile dysfunction will thus be a product that contains all these extremely efficient herbs. Shilajit ES is made of these exact herbs, in the right proportion, so it will help you enjoy excellent sex again and forget about erection problems. Shilajit ES Provides Endless Health Benefits! So get ready to discover a new world full of power, energy and stamina with 'Extra Strong' Shilajit ES. Improve overall health. Stay healthy, fit and energetic. Boost your libido and lovemaking abilities and surprise your partner with a new height of love and gratification.

Source:  Ebook "shilajit-benefits"

Saturday, 29 November 2014


When it comes to the male libido, you should know that different supplements work in varying degrees for individual men. Some men need to improve their blood circulation, others need to boost testosterone and yet more may just need to increase sexual energy.  


The naturally occurring Shilajit comes from the earth and is a highly concentrated, potent substance rich in minerals.
You could say that Shilajit is the very filtered essence of the rich minerals to be found in the ground and in the mountains
In much the same way that mineral water contains high concentrations of minerals as a result of being filtered extensively through mineral rich rocks, Shilajit is a much higher concentration of the best minerals to be found in high up, unspoiled mountain terrain.
Once purified and concentrated, Shilajit is concentrated into capsules and taken orally.

A huge benefit of Shilajit is that, unlike many other vitamins, it does not have a shelf life. This means that you can stock as much powder or as many capsules for as long as you like without having to worry about the product losing its potency.


Anti Aging properties – First of all, shilajit is able to slow down the aging process in various ways. It keeps the calcium in the bones and consequently makes them stronger. Shilajit also serves as a natural anti-oxidant, containing more than 85 minerals in their ionic form, keeping the diseases away and the immune system strong. The following chart showcases some of shilajit’s benefits and constituents.
Sexual properties – Also known as “Indian Viagra”, Shilajit works wonders for improving male sexual function and it’s been used for hundred of years to increase libido and sexual performance in a natural way. Furthermore, Shilajit is the main ingredient in Ayurvedic for treating low libido and sexual performance in general.
Anti-disease properties – The properties of shilajit are especially beneficial for those suffering from:
             Diabetes
             Stress
             Arthritis
             Obesity
             Alzhemier’s
             Genitourinary disorders
             Jaundice
             Digestive disorders
             Epilepsy
             Nervous disorders
             Anemia
             Bronchitis
             Hemorrhoids
             Kidney Stones
             Edema
             Asthma
             Thyroid Dysfunction
             And much more
Physical benefits –  Known as the Destroyer of Weakness shilajit is a great medicinal substance for those interested in physical performance. It improves recovery after a workout, increases stamina, improves physical weakness, and brain functioning, which all lend themselves to being a great herb for peak performance. It may even promote natural strength gain as well as muscle mass.
Antioxidant properties – It mimics powerful antioxidants, thus promoting cellular respiration which talks volumes about the anti-aging properties. Recent studies found an ORAC index between 50 and 500, which is substantially higher than berries which are touted as a great antioxidant food..
Regulates blood sugar – Shilajit based medicine promotes regeneration of pancreas cells. It helps in maintaining healthy levels on glucose thus keeping diabetes in check.
Rich is minerals – In addition to the fulvic and humic acids which have potent benefits, shilajit contains many trace minerals, each with its own benefits
Anti-inflammatory properties – Shilajit is a useful anti-inflammatory agent given its type of chemical composition. This makes Shilajit capable of addressing tissue damage and thus accelerates healing.
Shilajit contains a wider variety of components, each of which may be responsible for some of its many benefits. A few of these include:
             eldagic acid
             triterpenes
             sterols
             aromatic carboxylic acids
             3,4-benzocoumarins
             amino acids
             polyphenols
             phenolic lipids
             polysaccharides
             lignins
             dibenzo-α-pyrones (this one acts as a carrier of the other components)

No wonder it’s known as the Conqueror of Mountains!


Shilajit has extensive mention in ancient Hindu literature. King Chandra Varma who is supposed to have ruled much of northern India had to spent most of his youthful years in governing the vast empire, waging wars and protecting it from the enemies. When there was peace and stability in his kingdom he was past 60 years of age. He wanted to enjoy the pleasures of life. He unfortunately found that he had lost all his youthfulness and could not enjoy the natural pleasures of life despite having enormous material wealth and power. He then went on penance in the mountains of Himalayas and prayed to Lord Shiva - prime most among Hindu Gods and considered as the originator of Yoga. Lord Shiva was pleased with his prayer and offered him a substance originating from his body. That restored King Chandra varma's youthfulness. That substance is Shilajit and is found mostly in Himalayan mountains. King Chandra Varma who was the first to take Shilajit is considered immortal and revered even now by local populace in India. Lord Buddha who was originally born into a royal family is considered as one of the descendants of King Chandra Varma.There is also extensive mention of Shilajit as a powerful aphrodisiac and restorer of youthfulness in The Kama Sutra - the most widely read treatise on physical relations.

The Shangri-La is a place described in the 1933 book "Lost Horizon" by British author James Hilton. In the book, "Shangri-La" is a mystical, harmonious valley enclosed in the western end of the Kunlun Mountains (Himalayan mountains bordering Tibet). Shangri-La has become synonymous with any earthly paradise but particularly a mythical Himalayan utopia - a permanently happy land, isolated from the outside world. In the book Lost Horizon, the people who live at the Shangri-La are almost immortal, living years beyond the normal life span. The word also evokes the imagery of exoticism of the orient. The story of Shangri-La is based on the concept of Shambhala, a mystical city in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. James Hilton mentions of an elixir found in The Shangri La as a fountain of youth and great healer. Though he has not specifically mentioned the name of Shilajit there is a possibility that it could be shilajit as it is found essentially in those areas of Himalayan mountains where the mythical Shangri La is supposed to be located. Shilajit was first discovered in modern times by British Explorer Sir Martin Edward Stanley during 1870s when India and Nepal were part of the British empire. Most of the monkeys in plains of northern India age and bald by the time they reach 10 years of age. Sir Edward Stanley on his exploration in higher altitude of Himalayas to his surprise found that there were hardly any monkeys with aged look. He subsequently observed that the monkeys ate a blackish mineral pitch oozing near the rocks and that could be the reason behind the youthfulness of the monkeys. That was an odd behavior as monkeys do not eat anything from the earth. The locals there called it "silajitu". Only some Indian Yogis there knew how to treat and purify silajitu and it was offered to very select people there. This has mention in his book.

It was also said that the Persian emperors Darius and Xerxes learnt about Shilajit from Indian yogis and took it themselves apart from giving to their elite forces. Mongol emperor Chengiz Khan too was said to have taken shilajit for himself and his elite troops. In modern times Russian army widely took Shilajit like substance found in Ural mountains.

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Testosterone in men is the primary sex hormone and it can go off balance for a number of reasons. When it does, it negatively affects men in terms of reduced sex drive, increased general body inflammation and mood swings. The good news is that Shilajit has a positive effect on balancing testosterone.
Testosterone levels may decrease with age (up to 40% between the age 40-70), from cigarettes or marijuana consumption or even excess masturbation or sex. These are only some of the reasons for testosterone to go out of balance, while many other are idiopathic and are yet to be discovered. When body becomes inflamed it serves as a warning sign which should be taken care off, and that’s why many men find Shilajit helpful.

Shilajit helps in restoring libido, soothes the inflammation and control the mood swings. It’s been used from ancient times as a natural testosterone balancer, as it contains amino acids, tons of antioxidants and various chemical complexes. Some of the benefits known to have helped men include:
Better erectile capacity
Increased sexual performance
Stopping hair thinning and promoting hair follicle growth
Balancing sex hormones
Improves fertility
And the list goes on. There was a study in 2010 in which 60 infertile men undergone a 90-day treatment of Shilajit and the results very quite amazing. Half of these men had a significant improvement in terms of total sperm count (61.4% more), spermia (37.6% better) and level of testosterone (23.5% increase), proving the absolutely fantastic effect of Shilajit treatment on these men.

Shilajit works by reducing the number of free radicals and consequently boosting testosterone levels and sperm count. It’s no wonder that Shilajit, which is also sometimes called the “Indian Viagra” has been used for so long in Ayurvedic medicine. And it looks like it’s only gonna get better as more studies are done to prove the astonishing effect of Shilajit on testosterone, apart from numerous benefits it already provides. 

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Shilajit, the black gooey and slimy mineral complex is the strength as well as conditioning secret weapon of Olympic athletes. This is because shilajit powder have proven effective for sports and fitness freaks. Now the libido enhancing and anti-aging secret weapon of the Hollywood elite is a wonderful herbal supplement with plethora of uses in body building and exercise. Shilajit is made up of plant matter that has been trapped in rocky cliffs of Himalaya Mountains millions of years ago. It is prized very much in India for its potent increasing strength and regenerative powers. Genuine and pure shilajit, which is difficult and rare to find, produces sustained and immense energy, which has been proven in several major studies in Russian universities. It has also been proven to reduce muscle recovery time by almost 50%.

Why buy pure and genuine shilajit?

Shilajit burns fat as well while increasing the muscle mass, a property all body builders find irresistible. There are numerous companies marketing shilajit, but be cautious as some of these products are extracts from ordinary dirt and not the precious and rare substance found at remote high altitude regions of Himalayas. To get maximum benefits, make sure that you buy authentic and pure shilajit of Himalayan origin. Majority of the powders as well as extracts are reported to be of questionable efficacy and quality while the genuine black gooey tar substance, even though expensive is very effective.

Great demand for shilajit muscle building supplements

The outstanding medicinal properties of shilajit have become a vital staple in bodybuilding supplements. It is comprised of many different minerals, vitamins and acids such as amino acid, humic acid and fluvic acid. The ever-rising interest in natural products has improved the demand for shilajit muscle buildingsupplements particularly in the United States, Europe and Gulf countries. With its increasing popularity across the globe, shilajit is continually being researched as well as tested in new herbal products and remedies.

Additional Uses of Shilajit for Muscle Building

Apart from its uses as bodybuilding supplement, shilajit is frequently used as an alternative to the popular protein drugs, a cure for debilitating sickness and weakness in sportsmen, this drug helps to improve the immune functions of the body. Many people have understood the power of shilajit and what it can do to one’s health. This is a natural herb which aid in muscle building, metabolism boosting and weight loss. This Himalayan product helps greatly in muscle building.

How to build muscles quickly?

If you want to build muscles quickly, there is no good way than going natural. The mood swings in a good way and the person feels appease and contented while using shilajit. Are you tired and sick of being skinny and not being able to gain muscles? Have you been trying all things but still not seeing any results? If yes, the reason is that you are doing the wrong thing! If you want to start seeing obvious results and start packing on gaining muscles in the fastest time possible naturally, use pure shilajit powder substance.

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Saturday, 15 November 2014


A 23.5% increase has been noted in infertile men, it is not certain if this applies to fertile men.

Sperm Quality  
Sperm quality (and thought to apply to fertiliy) has been improved with Shilajit supplementation

Follicle-Stimulating Hormone     
An increase in follicle-stimulating hormone has been detected with shilajit consumption

Luteinizing Hormone     
No significant influence on luteinizing hormone

Lipid Peroxidation           
A decrease in lipid peroxidation (assessed by MDA) has been noted in serum and semen following oral ingestion of shilajit

Minor decrease in triglycerides has been noted with shilajit

Minor decrease in LDL has been noted with shilajit

Minor increase in HDL-C has been detected in persons after shilajit consumption

Minor decreases in vLDL concentrations have been noted

No significant influence detected on weight

Blood Pressure
No significant effect has been detected on blood pressure

Anti-Oxidant Enzyme Profile       
An increase in superoxide dismutase has been noted with Shilajit consumption



Many people are selling capsule, tablets and sachet with the name of salajeet in markets. Its come to heard that people used to mix up some prohibited and unsanitary chemical like tar coal and Jaggery etc to increase it quantity and to make prolong and maintain color. They put only few percent of pure salajeet in it.

Remember it !!!
The simple method to test of pure salajeet/shilajit is its strong pungent taste and smell.



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  • Anti-Allergic
  • Better sexual satisfaction
  • Anti-diabetic
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-inflammation for arthritis and rheumatism
  • Anti-Oxidant
  • Anti-viral
  • Alzheimer’s prevention
  • Cognitive and Memory Enhancer
  • Fertility Increases, motility and count
  • High Altitude Problems/hypoxia, sickness, lethargy, depression
  • Influenza /Common Cold
  • Mental and physical rejuvenation or anti aging benefits
  • Nootropic/Smart Drug /Cognitive and Memory Enhancer
  • Pain Relief and Injury Repair
  • Stress and Anxiety reduction
  • Ulcer Repair
  • Supports the immune system
  • Harvested from the mountain of Gilgit Baltistan
  • Get power of mountains
  • Potency and effectiveness.
  • Ayurvedic texts suggest using shilajit with caution when pregnant
  • Shilajit is considered the root of Ayurvedic medicine, and the most powerful.
  • Taken alone this herb will strengthen the immune system, fortify cells and muscles, and can be used as an anti-oxidant, an anti-stressor, an anti-allergen, and an anti-asthmatic.
  • In the practice of Ayurveda when Shilajit is used with any other Ayurvedic herb it is considered to actually boost the health effects of both.
  • Jing tonic – Tones the sexual organs, supports sexual energy and stamina
  • Shen tonic - Enhances spiritual power
  • Enhances bioavailability and action of other herbs
  • A carrier – binds to herbal constituents and minerals, delivering them to their targets
  • A catalyst – promotes the activity of minerals and organic constituents
  • Supports urinary functions Supports healthy microcirculation
  • Supports healthy menstrual functions
  • Supports healthy fat metabolism
  • Supports lung functions


Himalaya and Karakorum mountain range is one of the home of many herbal and mineral including salajeet. Gilgit Baltistan is only right place to get pure Shilajit/Salajeet because of it it origin of salajeet.

Who We Are...??? 

We are belong from Northern most district Ghanche, Khaplu Hometown Skardu Gilgit Baltistan and Online Seller of Pure Salajit. We obtain purest salajeet from origin of it. We order to local Mountain’s climber to bringing it down from the highest and treacherous peaks of Karakorum and Himalaya Mountain ranges. It’s not easy to get from those risky stacks and sometime its take human’s breathe while climbing peaks. We are well identifier and quality checker to make sure best its form. It has always been our precedence to assure our valued customer to provide quality product.


Shilajit, also known as silajit, salajeet or mumijo, momia and moomiyo, shargai, is a thick, sticky tar-like substance with a colour ranging from white to dark brown (the latter is more common), sometimes found in Caucasus mountains, Altai Mountains, and Tibet mountains and mountains of Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan.
 سلاجیت in Urdu and is known by various other names, such as shilajit mumiyo, mineral pitch or mineral wax in English,The substance is mentioned in the works of Aristotle and Avicenna as a remedy with antiseptic and general stimulant properties used in Caucasus Mountains. Most scientists agree that people observed wounded animals frequenting caves with mumijo and so discovered the substance. Similar substances are used for medicinal purposes throughout Gilgit Baltistan,Pakistan,India and Other countries. People of Gilgit Baltistan use it for many ways to prevention of disease and weakness.