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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

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We are selling the purest aftabi Salajeet / Shilajit of Gilgit Baltistan 
(The Mountain range of Himalaya & Karakorum) 
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Monday, 19 January 2015

Answers And Question about Salajeet Shilajit

Some of clients are asking question about usage and benefits etc about Salajeet Shilajit though emails
So we would like to put those questions and answers for our readers :) 

1) How could we test it if its pure Salajeet?
2) How much years could be expire it?
3) Could you instruction us how to use it before taking eat and how many days in a course of it?
4) How much grams of Salajeet for enough a person ?

The simple method to test of pure salajeet/shilajit is its taste and smell that it has strong pungent taste and smell.

It will give best result if u uses it within a year. But it will not expire if you store it at cool place (like fridge) because it finds in glacier, so we can say the cold is its origin so don't worry about it.   

You can eat it after every morning and evening after meal. But remember don’t use if you have blood pressure issue. It’s better to use in winter season but people are using it in every seasons as cure of different disease.  
One think must remember that don’t take drink cold water means keep your body warm after one hour of eat it.

It’s up to your body requirement and health that is why u would to use it.  If you wana eat for sexual weakness then you can eat after until you feel better output. It is supplement not medicine so you can eat according to your health prospective.

If you have back bones and bones weakness then you mix it in little warm oil and do massage on effected part of body.

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